year round skiing in lynchburg???
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July 5, 2009
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praise the lord! Jerry Falwell can now live up to his name

I hope the works out better than grass skiing did
July 6, 2009
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nooooo... aug 29th???

Mt plan was to visit my friend there mid aug and go "skiing" before heading back to PSU on the 20th or so. Now no skiing until nov/dec... booo.

Cant wait to see vids from it though
July 6, 2009
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Gotta love the one reader comment about how he is a REAL skier and won't go, cause he only ski's REAL mountains.

Exactly what is a REAL skier and what are REAL mountains?
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
July 6, 2009
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Skiing there would be supporting the religious and political agenda of the sponsoring organization. If you don't want to do this; wait. If this Snowflex stuff is as good as claimed in the pages I've googled, there will be more.
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
July 6, 2009
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Sorry for the double post
oldensign - DCSki Columnist
July 8, 2009
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I will be there August 2 with bells on!!
July 8, 2009
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Wear grip guards.
July 21, 2009
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august 2nd? i thought it opened the 29th?
July 23, 2009
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agreed... if it opens the second, count me in!
August 21, 2009
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I have been and posted a full report with pics at the new message boards I have been frequenting...
I had a good time.

It is opened daily right now from 5-10PM and the charge is $5 an hour for Mon-Wed, and $7/hr Thu-Sun for non-students.
The vibe was good.
I was asked to hit the beginner hill 2X before going to the main slope. I was very willing to do that, But was laughing inside.

Grand opening is August 29th, when at that time prices will change to half-day and full day passes, common to most hills. but I am told the pricing will stay close to the $5/hr or $7/hr range.

A ski and snowboard school is being created.

It took me a couple runs to start and figure it out, but I was very glad to be riding in August!
The surface material is interesting. I typed all about it at that forum, visit and check it out. You wont have to log in to read and view pics.

Ski and Tell

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