Biking at Timberline, WV
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May 8, 2009
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Timberline Resort will be opening its lift services on May 23rd. Can't WAIT...

I have heard from several sources that they will also be offering a bike-LIFT-pass for the entire warmer-season for $125. It doesn't get more reasonnable than this, so get it while the paper supplies lasts.

Speaking of money... the entire Canaan Valley is getting a face-lift: it's as green as you'll want it. We have nothing but rain for the past 14 days (at least, it feels that way).

The only question that I have right now is: who will be on the first photo?
May 8, 2009
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Vic: A little confusion on the summer lift pass. I received a flyer from Timberline 2 weeks ago advertising $225 for the lift passes. That is actually quite unreasonable given the lifts only run weekends. Season passes at Snowshoe and Wisp are more expensive - but they run 7 days a week. I agree that $125 for the season would be reasonable.

Also, though the lifts open for MTB's on the 23rd, that is also the weekend of the first ATV/MC race at Tline. Not sure how they will keep the two user groups safely separated - plus I believe the concessionaire for the ATV race collects gate fees from anyone parking near the lodge.

May 11, 2009
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rode back down to the valley on one of the mellower downhill trails at tline yesterday on a big ride. dont know the name of it, but it was doable on a xc mountain bike. (got on it near the intersection of off the wall and salamander) could use a little trail maint/clearing, but its still early. still a little patch of snow on white lightning and some humps in the terrain park too.
May 25, 2009
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ATV, Motocross & Mountain Biking
These are just a couple of things that have been happening at Timberline (WV) this past Memorial Day weekend.

The turn out to these events were incredible.

Special arrangements were made between Timberline Resort & local photographers to bring you plenty of action shots.

Here are two links to look at:
(115 photos) Motocross:

(73 photos) ATV:

May 24th also marked the beginning of Downhill Mountain Biking at the resort - the locals have already been enjoying some brand new trails.
June 12, 2009
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Last weekend was fantastic in Timberline - few people showed up for downhill biking... a really nice group of people.
Here are some brand new photos of the weekend:

Great weather didn't last long; We have been having 112% humidity with patches of rain... I believe the weekend is however super promissing. Check out and see you at Timberline!

Anyone coming up here?
June 25, 2009
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Here's a visual on trails at Timberline Resort, WV.
Small local scene, low crowd, very natural environment, friendly and very laid-back resort.

19 photos here:

Apparently, they are open Sat & Sun - as well as all major Holidays.

There will be two new trails mapped out by Tuesday June 30th, but you may want to come out and enjoy them before we place them online.

Here's one of the most challenging trail - with markers & photos to preview. This one is called Yellow Mellow.
There is nothing "mellow" about Yellow Mellow.

If you are looking for easier trails (Intermediate / Advanced), check out the overall trail map of Timberline here:
June 29, 2009
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Weeks go by and more & more people are showing up at Timberline.
For those looking for news:
TLine is getting a new Ski Team Building.
Two distinctly different trails have been build - each over 1.3 miles long.
A wall has been build (naturally) to create the sensation of "off the lip".
All the trails will be further marked this week.
I am hopeful, but am looking at some extra time to build couple of wood signs to place all over the place - Forest-Service-Type signs located at the top of the ski lift.
Well, if you are looking for photos, check out: and look for: PHOTO COVERAGE

See you soon... hopefully before the snow arrives.
July 23, 2009
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Just saw this:

Not sure it will post right but it's about trail building at T-line by volunteers.

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