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April 18, 2009
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The two "Where Did You Slide This Season?" polls close Sunday! Results to be analyzed in next couple of weeks. Quite a turnout! Lots of amazing info. Let me ask now, if you are one of the voters that responded you skied more than 30 days this past season, please identify how you managed to get in so many days. Retired? Ski Bum? Full Time Instructor?
Part Time Instructor? Live near a ski area? Other Ski Area Employee? A couple of reasons for this info...
1. The rest of us want to know how to do what you did to get in so many ski days! And 2. I hope to do some sort of economic analysis as to the impact DCSki has on the sliding business (large!), and if you are an employee of a resort, then I will need to adjust some of my economic assumptions to factor in this fact.
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