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April 6, 2009
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This was so cool (although to ski related) I just had to post it for everyone to check out!

This is a live webcam perched right above a bald eagle nest. Tons of fun! It used to update every 3 seconds, but it is now is realtime. I was watching earlier and a parent left the nest and returned about 3 minutes later with nice sized trout. It then proceded to chew off the fish's head and feed to the baby. How cool is that?
April 6, 2009
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May 25, 2009
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Has this guy flown yet? It looks like he's getting ready to give it a try.
May 25, 2009
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That's pretty cool!
May 27, 2009
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The eaglet was testing his wings when I posted and I saw him fly from one edge of his nest to the other. I haven't checked into this link more than a couple times since I learned about it here and bookmarked it. It looks like the kids have flown the coop in the other link.
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