Last day in UT - Solitude 4/2
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April 4, 2009
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I had a 10 ride ticket with 7 rides left on it. I already more than broke even on my Alta season pass so I went to Solitude. It was good, even damn good by almost any standard. I skied the trees on both sides of the Powderhorn lift. Shaded side excellent, steep wide gully on skier's right - baked & heavy. Then I went where I should have gone first - Headwall Forest, a real gem where sun never hits most of the snow. It was heavenly. John L said it first when we skied there together; Solitude's steeps are steeper than Alta's. I left early to start the drive home and got to Rawlins WY just as it got dark and the wet road froze. I quit for the night there so as not to tempt fate.

Meanwhile today at Alta,
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