WTG 3/22 or It Ain't Over till its Over
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March 30, 2009
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I have not been checking things out here lately. Mainly, what I have been doing is sulking. My gracious wife, who put up with weekend after weekend (and then some) at home alone while Junior Ski Partner and I were off skiing, finally exercised her political clout.

Knowing full well that I had snuck in an extra ski-day over our treaty limit, I informed her that I would be skiing for the last time on the 22nd. "That would be 2 more than you said" she unnecessarily reminded me. Ouch. Front line troops beginning to buckle. "But this is that Snowy Luau thing...gotta go to that". She looks at me. "You knew that when you snuck in that extra day." Flanked. Enfiladed. Game Over. Time to put up the skis and pout. At least the kid was on my side. Merde.

But then, out of the east, like the Austro-Hungarians of old, came my colleague and friend from Budapest. "You have the snow?". Oh yes...we have the snow. Hospitality triumphs. My wife...grudgingly: "Of course you have to take him".

Hence was my ski-season extended for a day. It was the last day of operations at WTG. The snow was heavy, but okay in spots, especially in the morning. Bela, who is used to skiing in the Alps said of Wintegreen: "You know, it is not Austria...but for a place only 90 minutes from home: it is perfect". I have to agree.

He brought his Helmet Cam. His is a clip of Junior Ski Partner on the last day in the last couple of hours of the season at WTG.

The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 31, 2009
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Enjoyed the videos...what is a "pole cam"? What is Vimeo?
We missed you at Snowy Luau, but at least you got to enjoy Wintergreen one more time. We must try to ski together a time or two next season. JSP looking good!
The Colonel smile
April 1, 2009
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GRK -- Nice videos. My last memory of WTG is from two months ago, so it's a bit sad to see the ebbing snow there now.
April 1, 2009
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I hear that Jimski. 18 days prior I was skiing on the 10" powder dump we had. Even the 'glades' were open and the surface was nice dry powder...groomed albeit but just fine for me.

Colonel...we have got to hook up. Early season will be the ticket next year! Vimeo is a video sharing site...like youtube but higher quality uploads and content in my opinion. I found it by following a link Bushwacker provided in one of his posts.

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