TR Wintergreen March 14 - wet
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March 14, 2009
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We gave Wintergreen a shot this morning. Certainly had fresh snow from Thu and Fri. It was a surprise that Tyro was open since it was closed earlier in the week. Quite fun in the morning even with poor visibility. The locals at the Ski Barn said they saw cars coming off the mountain yesterday with at least 3 inches on them. One man told them he thought there was more in places.

But the problem was the rain got going too early. Light drizzle until noon, but we were getting pretty wet after that. Needless to say, very few people. Met up with GRK around lunch time. But after a couple runs down the Highlands Marz Jr wasn't having much fun. Temps around 34 so she was cold. Also she didn't like not being able to see much since there was fog and clouds on most of the mountain. No pics of 20 yard visibility. The only relatively clear spot was on top of Dobie when we headed to the parking lot around 1:30.

While there were thin spots and marked areas to avoid, the open trails were fine in terms of amount of snow. Upper Cliffhanger was groomed pretty much flat. Bumps left on the side of Upper Turkey. Still worth the drive for a last day. But glad we got helmets recently to keep our heads protected and dry.

Photos taken at 9:30am just before the clouds rolled in.

Above Eagle Swoop looking towards main lodge

Ready to go, clouds rolling up the mountain
March 14, 2009
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Nice Helmets!
March 14, 2009
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Thanks for the report. Pity they got rain after that snow frown

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