Bluebird Day at Wintergreen - Wed 3/4
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March 5, 2009
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Managed to ski Sunday evening at the start of the big dump and then circle back to sample the groomed natural snow on Wed. Both days were fantastic.

Junior Ski Partner had a snow day and we made the most of it. We sampled every trail (they were all open) and found nothing to complain about. Ski-on all day except at the Blue Ridge Express and even then it was only a minute or 2 wait.

Checked out the small glades off Sunrise and even though mostly
tracked out, managed to find some fluffy stuff. Also managed to find a large rock in case anyone is missing one. If you find the right line it will shoot you out onto Sunrise at a good clip (at least for me).

Temps in the high 30's made for a perfect day. Here are some pics and a video clip of Junior Ski Partner

Upper Cliff Hanger - Note the color of the sky.

Lower Cliff Hanger and the Virginia Mountains

Junior Ski Partner on Outer Limits

March 6, 2009
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Very nice. It killed me that I couldn't make it out after the recent snow. Thanks for sharing.
March 6, 2009
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Awesome, looks like it was a great day to be out there. I hope they make it through the thaw OK -- I'd like to get one last weekday in between March 16-20 if I can.

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