Things I Like Already at Local Resorts
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bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
March 5, 2009
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Good thread on "things I'd like to see," wgo. How about some things we like already. (I think we've done this before, but let's have fun.) For starters, here's my list:

Interesting trail layouts that allow multiple routes and cross-overs (as long as they're not too frequent)
-- e.g., Snowshoe, Blue Knob, Canaan Valley ... even Wintergreen, plus Liberty with the Front Side, Back Side and Sidewinder.

A wanderer's trail that takes you way, way out somewhere and then its pathway or good lifts bring you back
-- e.g., Dark Side of the Moon (when it's open) at CV, trails to the North Camp at Wisp

-- Wintergreen's are often conspicuous

Separate areas for skiers of different abilities
-- Wintergreen and Whitetail are tops (to me)

Well-maintained glades that receive machine-made snow if the wind blows the right way
-- Seven Springs

Steep, narrow and gnarly by choice
-- Blue Knob, and some parts of Roundtop

Moguls on easier trails so we timid ones can try them out
-- I've seen these at Whitetail, Liberty, Roundtop

Special programs for the over-50s
-- Check out Liberty's Silver Streak program!

Day-long programs for young children
-- e.g., Mountain Explorers at Wintergreen

Ski patches and pins to feed the collector gene (and honor tradition)
-- Wisp always seems to have them; Roundtop and Whitetail: not in my experience

Flex tickets
-- Snowtime resorts

Cool discounts that are generally available
-- e.g., Wisp's weekly "locals day" when everybody is considered a local; also Camelback's deal in March where you ski free with a pass from any other ski area; also two-for-one coupons

Ski area history museums (more than a trophy case)
-- e.g., Liberty, Camelback

Cubbies close to food
-- e.g., Liberty, Whitetail, Roundtop

Shelf (or, better yet, wire basket) above each urinal so you're not distracted from, uh, business
-- e.g., Whitetail

Free drinking water with free good-sized cups in the eating areas
-- kudos to Wisp!

March 5, 2009
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Good list. I mostly like the fact that the resorts exist at all. Given limitations of terrain and weather, I think most of the resorts around here do a pretty good job.
marzNC - DCSki Supporter 
March 9, 2009
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Separate areas for skiers of different abilities
-- Winterplace, Lift #3 has fun blue and black runs that make it easy for a group to split up then meet at the bottom of the lift

Moguls on easier trails so we timid ones can try them out
-- M'nut on ParaDice when conditions allow

Day-long programs for young children
-- M'nut Slope Sliders, 9:30-2:00

Flex tickets
-- M'nut, 4 or 8 hour weekdays, 8-hr weekend/hol

Parking close to slopes, at least if early
-- Wgreen (if you know the secret), M'nut, Winterplace, Beech

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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