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March 2, 2009
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Just returned from a couple of days at Wintergreen. Arrived Sat early evening, skied on Sunday with my son and grandkids...had a blast, unfortunately miss meeting up with GRK. Sat. evening it snowed and sleeted a couple of inches. Sunday afternoon the wind picked up and the snow started flying. Stayed over instead of returning home in the blizzard. Monday morning about 12' of new powder. My son said it was "Utah" conditions on the Highlands slopes when the ropes dropped. He made first tracks! By the time I got out, things were tracked up, but the piles of snow were soft despite have a mogul appearance. Yes, it was cold. When we left at 1:45 the temp was UP to 21, but in the March sun it felt warm. Saw one guy come into Checkerberry Cabin to rest. When he took off his coat it looked like he was on fire there was so much steam coming off his clother. I'll try to post pics later. All in all, a very satisfying birthday.
JimK, maybe you are on to something, where ever I go it snows!
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March 2, 2009
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Happy Birthday Colonel!!!!..Guys like you keep Slightly younger guys like me filled with hope for our skiing future...keep on gettin on my man!
March 2, 2009
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I'm so jealous!! All of this powder in the the South and to the East. None in my WV Alpps!!!! What the heck is the deal with that??
March 2, 2009
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Hey Col,

That could have been me on fire. Undressed to the bibs (Black) and thin liner shirt. Short hair,beard and face caked with snow and a huge smile. Went into the shack expecting to get a coffee and over heard a gentleman commenting about the steaming guy on the deck. No damn coffee. Usually, Damien from Jamaica, will treat you right with the Irish creme if you ack. the tip jar before he starts.

Get the new gear dialed and hope to run a bit cooler.

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