Let It Snow!!!
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February 28, 2009
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From Accuweather's Joe Bastardi:
I think the ideas below ( 3pm yesterday) and the video are still a pretty good representation of a major disruptive snowstorm in the heart of the area that has missed this year. My call is for a 6-12 inch storm from DC to Boston with wind, extreme cold for the season and blowing and drifting. In fact, what was outlined yesterday looks good to me.
ONe thing I want to say is this storm will turn into a vary cold storm with temps for instance in DC in the mid 20s monday as the storm ends and NYC falling to near 20 as the storm ends. The March 1969 storm that this was analogged too was a warmer storm.
As nasty as this will be in the northeast and mid atlantic, one may argue that against the normals it is the more extreme event further south. Most of Alabama and GA north of I 20 will have a snowstorm of 4-8 inches with local amounts to 12. Major southern cities such as Birmingham, Atlanta, Charlotte should see 4-8 inches of snow and it will stay on the ground a couple of days.
My forecast, starting midnight tonight, for accumulations is as follows 3 inches Memphis to Charleston WVA to Massena NY on the west side ( this includes, in some places, and event where snow stops, and on the east side Memphis to Meridian Miss, to Augusta Ga to Norfolk va. Obviously there will be rain in these areas at the start but it should end as snow to get the southern boundary to 3 inches.l
6 inches on the west side. Birmingham to Burlington VT.. then Birmingham to Atlanta to Columbia SC to ACY on the east and south side, where rain at the start can hold things down.
Local amounts to a foot, perhaps 18 inches will occur in northern Ga to southwest Va where the closed upper low continues to hold together, and over parts of New England, with some lollipops in N Jersey and perhaps in bands around the big cities. Ratios may increase to 20 to 1 for the last 6 hours of the storm, but blowing and drifting may impair measurements.
There is still room for the western side of the snow to be 50 miles or so further west.. eastward adjustments are not likely now. Like the late Jan 2000 storm I believe this storm will hit its heaviest snowfall south ( remember that gave RDU the most). In other words a 15 inch fall in upstate NC or western NC may be more common than the same amount further.
Make sure you understand, while this is no 1993 superstorm, it will be a major, disruptive cold event with plenty of blowing and drifting.
While not making a difference to me in pattern recognition ideas, I am glad that people finally can see why I held on so long to the belief we had to have our shot. In spite of warming for a short time late next week, even if this misses its not over yet in the east and certainly not for the plains and midwest as I like what I see mid and late March for a wild winter endgame. I realize that it may be I am more fascinated with the meteorology than the result, but if you are finally digging out in these areas come Monday and Tuesday, then you might want to humor me one more time this winter. "

Let's hope he is "spot on"!
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