March 9 Timberline Pics
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April 1, 2004
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While I was posting pictures, I thought I would post some from my T-Line trip back on March 9 after the area got 14" or so of snow that weekend. This was probably some of the best conditions I had seen since the second week of January.

Considering it's the end of the season, enjoy these pics till next year!

Timberline blowing snow full force in mid March!!

My first lift ride of the morning around 10:15 with snow falling hard. (Notice the lack of riders/skiiers. It was paradise to have for myself.)

After about two hours of non-stop riding I decided to crash and rest a bit on Upper Dew Drop. Notice the fresh powder covering my board. [Smile]

No, this isn't me. Just someone I captured while I was hanging out in Lower Dew Drop.

Looking down the infamous Salamander which was closed that day. But still, a picture perfect sight.

Thunderdraft with INSANE amounts of ungroomed powder.

Looking out over one of the best views from one of the best mountains in the Mid-Atlantic to see an impending snow storm coming.
April 1, 2004
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how do you get pics to post in there????????
April 1, 2004
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Thanks a lot..I had just come to peace with myself over the end of the season..& now with watching the snow drop up there on the radar & these pics I'm miserable again!

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