app ski mtn today.
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March 23, 2004
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for those of you all who didnt know app ski mtn in nc is still open. i was up there today and its in super shape for this late in the season. they made snow the last 2 nights so the snow is super soft and they like to call it fresh powder. however thats not what it is its man made wet snow/powder. not what i call powder riding at all. but the fact that they made snow and they had more than enough to make it through the week shows just how much they care about their conditions. app is a small but great mtn. for those of you all who have never been there you should check it out. they have the best terrain park in the southeast prob. they have 4 flat rails, a 36 ft flat to down, a 40 ft "S" rail, a double kink, rainbow, fun box, and a wall ride. you dont see anywall ride in the east usually but app ski mtn has one. its currently outta comission though but rest assured it will be back in full force for next season. the park there is sick. it also has a few jumps but they are more skier jumps. they arent the wedge jumps like you see out west or at snowshoe. but its all good.
check it out. and if any of you all wanna see any of the terrain park feature let me know bc i got pics of them all.
March 23, 2004
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the mang of appalachian have really been aggresive it seems in keeping that small hill interesting.Sounds like a good place to rent a snowboard & try it out.Did anyone see J Kerry snowboard?& ski ? Its good to see the southland hanging tough!Was sugar or beech still running?
March 25, 2004
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they couldnt hang with the big dog this season. beech called it quit a few weeks ago, and sugar called it quits after sunday day session. they had enough snow (it needed to be pused around) but they werent having the crowds. 40 dollars is outragous for late season. you can go anyday to snowbird for 41 with a supepass. midseason holiday and the bird is a million times better than sugar.
sugar is way to money hungry for what they have to offer.

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