new moguls at Whitetail
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January 22, 2009
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Anyone noticed something different on their cams this week? I had, and tonight saw that they are in fact small mogul fields. Low on the mountain, on relatively flat sections, near the bottom of Snowpark, Limelight, and elsewhere.

Pretty cool idea I think.

They do look funny though, like they're recessed into the snow, rather than built up on the snow. Do machines now make moguls? Or is this simply the rapid result of small areas left ungroomed? Hard to believe that moguls would form on their own that tightly in Snow Park.
January 22, 2009
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Nope - had not noticed. Except maybe in this thread.

The man made moguls at Whitetail are only on Snowpark and Limelight. They are made by the groomers (thank them very much). The ones on Snowpark yesterday were not sunk down into the snow so much as additional snowmaking had buried them a little after they were made last weekend.

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