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January 22, 2009
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I have a question for 'Springs regulars': 3 years ago when the Steelers were in the Super Bowl 7 Springs had a setup in the Alpine Room where you could watch the game on 2 or 3 big screens, drink some beer, have some food, etc. The cool thing about it was that you could take kids in, but Mom and Dad could still have a few beers, twirl Terrible Towels, etc.

Does anyone know if anything like that is planned for the Super Bowl this year? Thus far I haven't seen anything listed on their website.
January 30, 2009
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They even had a jumbo TV screen outside the Foggy Goggle to watch the Steelers, I wouldn't expect to see anything special in these hard times, Nutting times that is, Robert Nutting has to turn a profit you know. Just like his profitable National Baseball team the Pirates. They make money, but as a fan the best you can hope for is a bobble head. Hell he even cut early season opening times at The Springs to 11 Am. and now has closed the Tahoe lodge during midweek high season. I guess he figures us Mid week pass holders don't deserve a warm place at the top of the mountain for a place to warm up and get a bowl of hot soup and a cold beer. It's all about customer service you know, as such my pass will probably not be renewed next year.

If you want to watch the Steelers this weekend and ski too, check out Hidden Valleys home page, http://www.hiddenvalleyresort.com/ they have "News" there you are looking for!...too bad they don't have the slopes of 7 Springs.

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