Need Lodging suggestions for Elk Mountain
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January 22, 2009
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I think the subject line says it all. Going to Elk on the 28th and 29th.
January 22, 2009
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The lodging right at the Mountain is extremely sparce. I always stay in Clarks Summit which is right off 81 north of Scranton. There are a bunch of reasonable hotels there and its about a half hour to Elk. Not exactly ski ambiance but Elk is basically in the middle of nowhere as far as hotels go. Think in terms of Whitetail if you ever been there.
January 22, 2009
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Many, many years ago we stayed at a house called the 'Barn', I think. Let me say that it was interesting and kind of crappy.

Because we were the last arrivals to the house from our group, the room that we ended up with had a couch foam bed. When you opened the couch/bed, you could not walk around the bed or see any floor space. The bed covered the whole footprint of the room. Kind of funny now. Think of the padded room at the asylum.

Everything about the house was beat up and scuzzy. I don't know if the Barn is still available but if it is, you have been forewarned.

There was another house we should have taken. It was a house owned by a custom, contemporary furniture maker that lived nearby. I can't recall his name. He was featured in Fine Woodworking back in the early 90's. In fact when I saw him at the Furniture Show in Philly, I mentioned the 'Barn' and he just laughed.

My information is very dated so it might not be of any help. Good luck
January 22, 2009
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Ok, found some more info

The house that is owned by the custom furniture maker: (click on 'Union Hill House')

I couldn't find the 'Barn' but it is located in Thompson.

Disclaimer: I have never stayed at the Union Hill House so I cannot confirm or deny anything...
January 22, 2009
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North side of scranton (clarks summitt) are several "budget" hotels. I stayed at the days inn for 53$. It was clean, has a pool and a jacuz, and a poor mans brunch and they had vouchers for 5$ off. There are plenty of reasonable restaurants there too.

Elk was SHWEEET this past weekend. The people on the lifts were staying as far as 40 minutes away. I agree with everything TomH says. There are some time shares nearby apparently if you are an RCI member and can swap . . .
January 22, 2009
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Like everyone said, there are plenty of hotels in Scranton and it's not that far a drive to the mountain. I don't know who you're going with, but there's a cute looking bed and breakfast on the way in called Wiffy Bog Farm, never tried it myself.

Personally I usually stay with my grandfather. Can't beat the rates. grin
bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
January 22, 2009
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Gotta get back to Elk ...

I stayed at Wiffy Bog Farm B&B when I skied Elk a couple of years ago. Very comfortable, great breakfast, reasonable rates, and maybe 10 minutes from the slopes. Link is available under Lodging on the Elk website.

January 25, 2009
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My son and I stayed at one of the places near scranton. Was about 30min. drive. Most of them have some sort of skiier rate/package. Nex time I was thinking of choosing something closer from their website. There was also a recent elk article in snow east magazine. They had several reccomendations. Shoot I just went and grabbed the mag. They list:

Fern Hall Inn

Heritage house on the park

lynn lee house

sky lodge (this is one that caught my eye 5 miles away but requires 4WD)

The starlight lodge

wiffy bog

I put web addresses as they are in mag. some did not specifiy .com/.net

ok going to bed now. HAve a cold and am wired from cough med.s need somesleep though.

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