7 Springs MLK Weekend
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January 21, 2009
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Ok, I am kinda new to the forums but I will go ahead and post a brief summary of my 7 Springs trip over MLK weekend.

Upon arriving Friday night we quickly grabbed dinner and got prepared for the -10 degree temperatures. We wanted to take advantage of a few hours of empty slopes and use the time to test out equipment. We stuck to Phillips Run, Fawn Lane, Cortina, and Wagner, as we couldn't stay out to long and wanted to avoid the North Face Lifts because of the cold.

On Saturday morning we made the short drive from our lodging and surprisingly parked in the main lot at 9 AM, although the temperatures were hovering around 0, we prepared well and were able to enjoy slopes that were nearly empty until 11:30. During the day we hit the vast majority of the trails Lost Girl, Giant Boulder, Giant Steps, Blitzen, Corkscrew, and many in between. There were some ice patches, but for the most part everything was in good shape. As the day went on the temperatures made it up to 16, and the crowds increased slightly, but by avoiding Gunnar, Polar Express, and the Avalanche Lifts we never waited in a line more than 2 minutes. One of the few times we did ride Gunnar it stopped for about 5-10 minutes, and the season ticket holder that was with us informed us it broke down for 40 minutes last week and that they had been having problems with it all year.

On Sunday we hit the slopes a little bit closer to 10, but again the crowds didn't pick up until about 11, but on the North Face we waited in minimal lines (except Gunnar) and had good powder on Giant Steps, Giant Boulder, North Face, and Little North Face. After lunch we decided to go back over to the Avalanche lift and ride over there, the top of avalanche slope looked icy and as usual corkscrew was bare/ice, but Goosebumps and Boomerang were in great shape along with Tyrol and Stowe. Throughout the day we enjoyed friendly taunting of the Steelers fans making lift lines even better. (Even though the Ravens lost) Our lift tickets ended at 7, so we went in at about 6 so we could watch the game, we had a great weekend of skiing, and were able to ski most of the mountain.

If you have not been to 7 Springs this year you have not seen the major renovations of the main lodge. The picnic tables upstairs and by the cafeteria style place (First Tracks?) have been replaced by tables and chairs, which is much easier for those in ski boots. The snack bar upstairs has been replaced by a bar (not cool, as I am under 21) and the First Tracks has received updating.

The rental shop is all computerized, and it seems like it made things go smoother.

I had a great weekend, did anyone else get a chance to go up to 7 Springs over MLK?

Sorry there are no pics, I was not going to take off my gloves on Saturday as it was too cold, and I forgot my camera on Sunday.
January 21, 2009
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It might just me but has anyone else noticed that the quality has tanked there?
I like the upstairs expansion of the Google (so you can track down over 21 after 6pm). Those cheap plastic tables are an improvement than the really cheap green ones from last year! But I liked the picnic benches were all your friends could sit together when you have a big group.
But the food is really low quality ballpark fare and twice as expensive as menus of the past. $8 for pizza slice - it was big but not $8 big! We'll be packing next time!
The parking / bus service is still a joke. Were do you put a board? And its always a await going to or from - the buses don't seem to have a schedule just sit and wait till full.
But the conditions were great for riding (when those 2 detatchable lifts were not stopping every 3 chairs).
I really liked the Alley - new terrian park. But their was no pipe open to play in! :-( Overall not bad but it was expensive!
January 21, 2009
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I agree with pac in someways, it seems like many of the prices were raised this season and finding a reasonably priced meal is difficult (Emo's is decent) and that some of the focus is going away from the skiing, but because of the location 7 Spring remains a great option for the DC area and it is real easy to get to.
January 21, 2009
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have my finger cross that buncher can buy springs and laurel mountain in the near future.

that would great improve everything in the laurels in a hurry.

just remember what happens after midnight at springs?


Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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