FS/FT 185 Atomic Snoop Naxo Nx21 with BD skin
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January 20, 2009
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06/07 185cm Atomic Snoop Daddy's



mounted with Naxo Nx21 13 din touring binding

also with BD accent skins with STS tail attachment cut to these skis and could be cut down for any ski smaller.

top sheet minor scratches chips, bottom minor scratch some edge scrapes, everything would easily be taken care with a full tune. I would have it done localy but I dont trust anyone around here enough to do it.

the scratches on the skis, a full tune would fix everything or just ski them as is. the edges are in tact there is no cracks or bends

the binding are in better shape than the skis 9.5/10 imo

and you get skins as well cut nearly perfect to the skis

300 or best offer if you going to buy them

trades are welcome. stuff I want.

185cm Volkl bridge
165cm race stock SL skis. Noridica, Fisher prefered
179cm Hellbents

if you stuff is exceptional nice I would be willing to trade plus money for it.

also jtrue and jakecast have seen them in person, nice skis if someone wants a touring setup with skins good luck finding one cheaper.

I hate photobucket on this site and facebook isnt letting me upload right now so here is the link if someone wants to fix it for me lol

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