Blue Knob Today 1/17 Conditions Anyone?
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January 17, 2009
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Looking at Blue Knobs snow report it looks like the conditions are the best they can be. Did anyone ski it today (01/17)? We're thinking of heading up there tommorow and looking for some info on the conditions. Thanks
JimK - DCSki Columnist
January 17, 2009
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Didn't go, but may soon. Stembogen opened a few days ago and today was supposed to be first day of the season for Extrovert. I guess they got about a foot of snow in last few days. If you go tomorrow let us know how it is. Thanks.
January 17, 2009
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Their snow report says the glades are open also. I'm pretty sure we're going. I'll post our experience here.
Laurel Hill Crazie - DCSki Supporter 
January 18, 2009
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Marcus and I ventured to BK today, nice conditions. The groomers were hard cord in place, sweet in others. The glades off Jack Rabbit were open but a heavy 8" on top of about an inch or so of breakable crust. Not enough to cover the brambles so I didn't find much fun there. When you went fast enough to allow the skis to turn above the crust, the underbrush would lift your edges and go chattering along.

We hit mid-66 to Extrovert but I guess it was supposed to be closed so we poach the lower half of Upper Ex and had to finish on High Hopes because the patrol practicing with the sled on Lower Ex and said come back at 11.

Stembogen was sweet in spots but you had to watch the whoop dee do whales at mid-point. The lower field was a little hard and the chopped powder on the edges were in a pre-chicken head state.

When they opened Ex at 11 we were there and spent a good part of the day there. The machine made was carve-able with nice lines down skier's right. There were snow whales at the top of Lower Ex, as usual, but they were just right for carves and the rest was sweet. Ex had the best snow of the day and it was mostly machine made with about a half foot of loose blown off to the right. Bumps formed later but they were soft and movable.

Sunday should be awesome. Here, north of the Burgh at around midnight, we got about 4 inched snow. It's about 17 out now dropping to singles but back in the mid 20 Sunday.

I won't be there Sunday. I'll be home prepping for the AFC Championship party hoping the Stillers can beat the Ravens one more time.

I'll be there Monday with the family.
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