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March 15, 2004
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I checked a few resort websites today and a number of area resorts are in surprisingly good shape as of 3/15, with 6-10" of natural snow expected over next few days in many places. Unofficial, not all-inclusive findings: Snowshoe, WV hopes to stay open into Apr, Wintergreen, VA hopes to stay open until 3/28, Blue Knob, Pa is open and expecting 10" tonight. Other areas still open: Seven Springs, PA, Wisp, MD, Canaan Valley and Timberline, WV, Massanutten, VA. Conditions vary widely, at this time of season always call before driving to any resort.
Whitetail, Liberty, Roundtop and Bryce are closed for season. Too bad about that warm 1st week of Mar or they might be still going strong too.
March 15, 2004
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Timberline is to be open until the first weekend of April.

Right now, none of the natural snow trails are open. Everything else (including the Drop and Off-The-Wall) is open with an amazing amount of cover. It's starting to get thin on parts of Dew Drop, but I don't think they've even touched the snow pile known as Mt. Amos (so that's where the old 1200' of vertical came from... just kidding). They can always groom Off-The-Wall and mash out those whale-bumps into nice cover.
March 15, 2004
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I was at Timberline yesterday. It was beautiful when we hit the slopes around 11. Sunny, warm, people skiing in shorts. Then around 1230 dark clouds rolled in, the wind gusted up, and by 145 a steady rain had set in. We tried to ski in the rain but eventually gave up. The lower mountain is really starting to lose its cover, and I doubt this rain yesterday helped anything. I went on Off the Wall during the rain...lemme tell you, that was possibly the scariest ski experience of my life. I made it down without falling or losing control, but when they mean ungroomed, they really mean ungroomed.
March 15, 2004
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Yeah... when it says Ungroomed and Experts Only... I'd heed the warning.

Off-The-Wall is host to Shay's Revenge style moguls (but it feels much steeper than Shay's) down the right side of the trail and house-sized snowmaking bumps on skier's left which have been carved into small cliff drops and large cliff drops into sketchy landings.

The big 'cliff' at the bottom, went to slide down it, toeside turned and the toes of my boots dug it. Go figure. Now, if only they would just groom out the rest of the trail down to the rollers at the bottom on the corner to the exit then I would definately drop off of it. Perhaps next season, eh? Would be a great deterrant to anybody wanting to drop off the pumphouse.
March 15, 2004
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Winterplace is holding up well.. however it is raining tonight so that probably isnt a good thing [Frown] .
March 16, 2004
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Man, I'd love for WISP to stay open till the weekend of the 27th.

What are the chances? [Frown]

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