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January 5, 2009
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Paoli Power

This past Friday found me in the Midwest again and I had the chance to ski some Paoli Powder. I was shocked to see the resort had Friday January Second as a non holiday. Thus I was able to get 2 lifts and rentals for just $35 via the military discount!

Conditions in the Midwest had suffered from rain a week ago however in the past few days had been favorable for snow making. So Paoli was able to pump some snow out of their guns. They were claiming 100% which was close to correct. As ribbons of snow did connected all the ways down and the coverage was better than average but a couple trails were rather narrow. The glades were not open and there were some brown spots on the main trails. As there was no snow on the ground in the surrounding areas this was better than expected.

Paoli Peak is an upside down area. It has a few longish trails for the Midwest it is on the smaller side and kind of bland. But some of the blue trail and the lone black do offer some fun. Especially so when the snow makers have blown some nice whales on the trails. I had one near disaster where by I almost launched myself off a large whale only to realize there was no snow on the other side. I skidded to a stop just in time....

The crowds were light and the lift lines non existent on the "harder" slopes. It was a beautiful sunny day and even if the hill had only 300 ft of drop, it sure beats working!
January 6, 2009
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I remember ( along time ago) skiing nearly 24 hours at Paoli Peaks. 300 vertical were in fact super fun!
It's all about having fun... right?

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