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September 15, 2001
My wife and I live in Rockville and are putting together a share house at Snowshoe Mountain, WV this winter from December until April. We have 2 other couples right now(friends of ours from work) and were looking to parcel out 1 more share to the right people to keep our costs where we'd like.

The house is a 4BR/3BA log cabin, 2 miles from the mountain, nice views, 3 acres, BBQ, pool table, bar area and rents for $2,500 per share for the season.

The other couples are late 20's early 30's,
professionals, dog loving, and easy going.

If anyone is interested, I can be reached at or the telephone # below.

Chris Gorman
Rockville MD
301 545 1147

September 18, 2001
I just saw this and am interested, but of course since I haven't talked to the boss (wife) about it, I don't know how seriously I can offer my candidacy for your remaining share. We are from Bland VA, which is just south of the WV line near Bluefield. We are in our late 40's, and I try to get to Snowshoe at least twice a season. My home email is . Thanks!
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