Too much snow??
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December 30, 2008
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I don't know who's been following this, big avalanche at Jackson Hole. Link to some incredible pictures and some discussion here. The thing that impressed me most is how tough & dangerous a job Ski Patrol is.
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December 30, 2008
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You are so correct, these are incredible pictures. Since some have "officially" been removed the reader has to keep clicking on referenced sites to see the pictures. Amazing that no one in the restaurant was hure thanks to the ski patrollers.
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December 31, 2008
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I've never been to Jackson Hole and had to do some checking to see where this structure is and where slide took place on the mtn. The building is fairly new and is at the top of the Gondola at about 9000 feet. Apparently, there is a steep mountainside above. I wonder if the upper gondola terminal was damaged/broken? I'd care more about that than the restaurant if I was planning a visit there soon. Here's some past pictures of the area/building:
December 31, 2008
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its not really too much snow...

well to much snow in november with rain in late november is what is causing this.

Lots of snow at one point in time will actually make a really strong stable snowpack more often then not.

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