Ski Patrol marathon on TruTV
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December 29, 2008
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Xmas Eve(?) there was a Ski Patrol marathon on TruTV. I caught several episodes and got a good look at Blue Mountain. I have skied BM before but it has been a while. I asuume this was filmed last season. The hill looks great and films much bigger that I remember it being.

Given the press of the show I am sure skier visits are up. It is nice to see a mid Atlantic resort getting all that air time.

As to the show, the locals do look like jerks with funny accents and the Ski Patrol does come off like speed Nazi's. I had never seen patrollers using whistles to slow riders. Cool idea. I love the parts when folks try to run away from the patrollers. Where do they think they are going? It is a ski resort in Eastern PA not a James Bond movie in the Apl's. Where do they plan to escape to? the parking lot?
December 29, 2008
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They split the season between Blue and Crystal Mountain (in WA). It seems they also split the focus of the two scenes, because the Crystal Mtn episodes featured avalanches, serious trauma, and "big mountain" problems, while the Blue Mountain ones seemed to focus on being on speed patrol (although there were some gnarly injuries at Blue, the ones at Crystal were worse).

One thing's for sure - I want to ski Crystal. Looks like a cool place... Blue? Less so.


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