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pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
December 23, 2008
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This board needs more trip reports, so here goes.

- Sunday: brutally icy and windy. the groomers went out early before temperatures plummeted. snowguns blazed all day. all jokes about the ice coast apply. skied all day.

- Monday: brutally cold and windy. Less icy. about two inches of snow at least makes it look like a ski resort. skied all day.

- Tuesday: really quite nice. A little icy but mixed in with man-made powder spots. Sometimes bluebird, sometimes overcast and cold. skied all day.

I am reminded again what a wonderful little area is the Silver Creek. Give that place another 400' of vertical and it would be truly special (in a regional sort of way). Today, it showed the best conditions and by far least crowds, and that lovely trail design. This is a typical crowd on bear claw:

of course cup run was not bad either:

This was taken with Skier219 standing beside me. I would have taken a picture of him actually skiing but I could never get in front of him. In fact, about 3/4 down this photo I found myself sliding backwards and then searching for my ski in the woods, leaving Skier219 plenty of time to read a novella or two while waiting for me to make my way down. After four runs, we returned to Camp99 and Sawmill so I could show off my refined ice skills. Truly, it was a great break from the multi family mess to ski a few hours with Craig, thanks very much.

I would say its a great time to come up to Snowshoe since they have a near record number of slopes open at this time, but the next week forecast is not good. However, other than the questionable grooming on Saturday night, I could find nothing to complain about. It was a very good trip.
December 24, 2008
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Great TR, thanks!!!
December 24, 2008
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Yeah, I had a great day up there yesterday, and enjoyed skiing with Dave in the afternoon. Overall, the slopes were in very good shape considering the recent thaw and re-freeze. It really helped to have a good ski tune though, and I was thankful I brought along a second pair of mid-fat skis with a fresh tune. Crowds were not bad, about like a light mid-season weekend.

Cupp was quite good, but the presence of ice patches combined with moguls here and there, and then running snowguns later in the day, made it quite technical to ski in some spots. I took the opportunity to ski the steep section as slow as I could, and it was a real fun challenge to make so many turns, aim for the snow/bumps and dodge the ice, etc. I have no doubt that was harder than anything I skied out west last year, just because of the conditions. Geography and steepness are just two factors that can make a trail tough. Mid-A weather/conditions is a third, and a big one.

Camp 99 was great for some late afternoon runs before I walked back to my car at Top of the World. That trail was in very good shape, with a concave pseudo-chute down skier's right at the top, and then good fast cruising space down below. As usual, the lines at Soaring Eagle lift were never more than 4-5 deep.

Sawmill was OK except for a block of ice about midway down. No kidding, I would not have been surprised to see fish swimming underneath. I think Dave is a wacko because he *liked* it. wink crazy confused

The 9hr round trip drive and demanding ski conditions wiped me out, but I hope to pull myself together for a few hours of skiing at Wintergreen tomorrow.

lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
December 24, 2008
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So sad I had to leave on Sunday. Still, I was so worried that I left all the condo's faucets dripping as the temperature was dropping below 10, and I understand it had another 20 degrees to drop...

If we ever match our calendars, beers are on me. I always keep at least a case of Yiengling, a case of Guiness and even Corona in the pantry.

My next time is on the weekend of the 10th. If you're up there let me know.
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