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December 21, 2008
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Where can one demo/rent/try/ogle tele gear in the mid-atlantic region?

I've searched and lurked mostly on-line with no luck. Use to volunteer at, shameless plug,, and was able to jump on a bunch of different gear. Unfortunately I'm long past creating logs/journals, hence, don't remember what I liked/disliked.

I don't generally don't buy anything retail or untried, with the exception of the occasional WW boat.

Lately have only been getting out a few days a year, hope to remedy this year, so I've just dealt with what I've had.

I'm in T2's, and usually ski K2's Totally Piste 190cm, G3 Targa. These are fine on NE PP (boiler plate) and if you like to rip. I also have an early World Piste,superloops, which I find too soft for me, chatter at speed and don't seem to handle anything but cord well. Prolly just the way I ski.

I'm not a cruiser and don't always have my BB pointing towards the lodge, due to lack of efff. controlling speed, I suspect.

I don't want to have to work as much to enjoy, would like something shorter, more sidecut, (ski does more work)and be able to (learn)to transition between turns quicker,snappier, stand a little more upright and look at the scenery (rest) less often.

I'm a mature (child like)gent , 6' 215#, 11 ft and stay reasonably fit.
I'm thinking mid 170's to low 180's.

Feel free to chime in on any of the above or offer up different ideas. Or if you have something in your quiver that I might be interested.

Oh, and I'm in Virginia and make frequent road trips on the spur, weekdays are best.

Snowing in NE, how 'bout those Pat's
December 21, 2008
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I'd also love to hear if there are opportunities to demo tele gear in the mid-atlantic region...

The only two places that I know of where you can rent tele gear around here are both in Canaan Valley - at Timberline Resort and at Whitegrass. I'd say your best bet is to swing by Whitegrass and tell them what you're intersested in and I'm sure they'd have some great suggestions for you.

If you haven't already, I'd also strongly recommend checking out the TelemarkTips forum and you'll find tons of info there.

If you ever come up to Massanutten you'd be welcome to try out my K2 Super Stinx (181 cm) or Karhu Agents (177 cm) to see how you like them.

Good luck with your quest!
December 22, 2008
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Whitetail has tele gear for demo at their ski shop . During the 06/07 season, but demoed k2 world piste; they had a few other options though. They had some nice Scarpa boots too. I don't remember the exact model. No idea what they carry now.
December 22, 2008
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Thanks Folks,

Gonna make my first 4+hr day trip to SS Tuesday. Weather looks fine. If you want to hook up, or have gear you may want to part with shoot me an email. At least I get to demo Rav4 for the trip.

Be safe, have fun

[edit] It's been awhile since I've been to SS. Where should I start, where the others are not, and work towards.....Cupp?
December 31, 2008
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$100 for Black Diamond Ethics skis 158cm

It seems like a great deal if the size is right

Ski and Tell

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