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December 19, 2008
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Just wanted to get some opinions on which resorts have good glades around here. Any thoughts?
December 19, 2008
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Search for Whitegrass, Timberline, Blue Knob, Canaan Valley and Seven Springs on the forums, and you'll get plenty of info.
December 19, 2008
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I'm also curious to see what new glade opportunities will be had over at Timberline. This post references some of the new mountain bike trails as an opportunity for gladed skiing.
December 20, 2008
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if you are willing to earn your turns.. whitegrass has so much gladed terrain its crazy. of course there are big glade areas on the map, like anitas, sawmill, cathedral, etc, but theres a lot of cleared and marked lines all over the place too that are not. (blue tape is your guide.. if you are skiing on a marked trail and see a blue ribbon on a tree.. its an entrance to a neat line down, a glade, a traverse up, or just some cool feature like a waterfall or something) and you can connect em all in different combos and ski from top to bottom all in the woods if you want. For the most part its a *ski anywhere* place. "hey look at that untouched area over there... that would be cool to ski... lets do it!" search for whitegrass on and youll find a couple vids that show some of the sweet stuff!

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