More Snow In Utah
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
December 16, 2008
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Folks, look at this picture
from Alta. This is the Pic of the Day for Dec. 15. Skier219 and I have mentioned several times about the fact that their lift at loading/unloading areas can raised as the level of the snow rises. Last year Alta had a bountiful snow amount of over 700". Only 120" total, true mid-mountain base of 47" so far this year, a not so snowy year so far. Still, they average over 500"/year.
The Colonel smile
December 16, 2008
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It's looking good out there! Last year at this time they had 127" total, so they're not too far off. I imagine they will pass that number in the next week or so.
December 17, 2008
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up to 52" base now.
December 17, 2008
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yeah see utah knows i will be back there for two months starting feb. so it's getting ready for me.
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
December 17, 2008
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And how did you fanagle 2 months? Unlike Dennis, you are not aged to perfection!
The Colonel smile
December 17, 2008
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awesome dude...Ill be out there from april-sept skiing biking and climbing
Roger Z
December 17, 2008
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So far, Loveland is leading the pack for snow out west, even beating the Pac NW which is odd. I think winter will settle out- I certainly hope they get some snow in UT and right quick! CO is coming online nicely- a little slower than the last couple years but they should be alright for the rest of the season. The last couple storms have tracked south so Taos and NM are starting to shape up, and I think the Pac NW is finally ginning up for the year, too, along with CA. But speaking of CA the big story out there is that the San Gabriels have been pounded. After all that drought they probably have one of the best snow bases you'll ever find down there and competitive with some of the other more mainstream western areas.

I'm curious about Canada. I think the early pattern was tracking north and Revelstoke looked good, haven't been following too much else up that way. A co-worker in town is headed for Revelstoke this winter. I am seething with jealousy. He has a friend in Couer D'Alene Idaho and he goes up every winter to try different places in ID (Schweitzer, Silver Mtn) as well as Canada. This year is their first trip to Revelstoke, he says he's psyched about their 9 1/2 mile run. (!!!!) Says he's too old for Fernie. Pshaw, whatever.
December 20, 2008
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We had been getting snow in little dribs and drabs, now finally it is ready. wink
December 20, 2008
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It's been mostly freezing raining here. Where is the whitestuff when one needs it.

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