Skiing in Baton Rouge
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December 12, 2008
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This is how we do it back home laugh

Nice ski outfit huh? You may be wondering where there's a hill in Baton Rouge. It's actually an old Indian burial ground. But don't worry, it's more of trash burial than a dead people burial! Not bad pitch smile
December 12, 2008
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Sweet! Time to get the board out as soon as it snows here at home so I can get some good ole down home shots myself.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
December 12, 2008
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Poles? We don't need no stinking poles. Or gloves.
December 12, 2008
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hahah.. I remember in the dark days before the ECHL made that push into Louisiana, the only ice for skating OR skiing on was during the holidays at the civic center in red stick. They had an occasional pre-dawn hockey pickup game, where they would put 9 and 10 people a side on the ice at once. We tried to get the Zamboni driver to dump the shavings on a slope, iirc, in order to have a "ski run".

Tulane Ice Hockey club 92-93
December 12, 2008
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My first and only ice skating experience was in the Civic center winter of 91-92. I was in a perpetual state of falling all night long but I don't think I ever hit the ice. The 32 oz daiquiris they sell (or sold) on every corner in that city may have played a role in my problems. crazy

Ski and Tell

Snowcat got your tongue?

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