Can they take your season pass at whitetail?
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December 11, 2008
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I got a friend who has two ski passes, one for himself and one for his brother, however, his brother won't be going very often. If I were to use his season pass, how close do they check? If they were to figure out its not me, can they take the pass?
Scott - DCSki Editor
December 11, 2008
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This is not a good idea, and I have seen them check carefully.

When you purchase a pass, you sign an agreement that includes very clear points:

- Your season pass will not be used by anyone but yourself.

- In the event of a transfer to or use by another, the management may revoke your season pass at anytime without a refund.

- Your season pass is the property of Whitetail.

So not only would you get in trouble (and possibly escorted off the premises by the police), but your friend's brother could lose his pass. Because Whitetail is private property, they could further ban you (and the brother) from using their facilities in the future.

The mid-Atlantic ski season is short and it is difficult for local resorts to make money. Whitetail invested nearly $3 million last summer in improvements, and it takes a lot of lift tickets to recoup that kind of investment. I know skiing is expensive, but using someone else's pass is a form of theft. One way you could save money if you go enough is to buy an Advantage Card at Whitetail. It's $119, which is much cheaper than a season pass, and gives you a 40% discount on lift tickets and lessons, and every sixth lift ticket is free. It's not a bad way to go.

I really don't mean to sound like I'm lecturing -- but it's not a good idea to share someone's pass! Hopefully I've talked you out of it. smile
December 11, 2008
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I second what Scott says. It isn't worth the risk. It seems that in the mornings most resorts I have been to take a good look at season passes. I have noticed though that after lunch it doesn't seem to matter as much to them anymore. Must get old after a few hours??

Anyway, season passes are very expensive and having one taken away would not be cool. Don't do it! Live to ski another day!! Buy a lift ticket.
December 11, 2008
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i will. My friend wanted me to check it out, and I was curious as well.

With the advantage pass, is that limited to just me (like is there a name on it?) or could I, if I wanted to just give it to my mom and she could get the discounts with my card? Because I will have no use for it after January.

thanks a lot scott and david.
December 11, 2008
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I recall my old advantage pass card has my name and my mug shot on it.
December 11, 2008
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is the advantage pass just for the season, and then you have to purchase it again?
December 12, 2008
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Originally Posted By: NonstopSki
is the advantage pass just for the season, and then you have to purchase it again?
Yes. The pre-season price for those this Fall was $89.
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