Ski Slope Yobbery
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johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
March 12, 2004
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This article is about a month old but it covers a topic often discussed on the forum:
March 12, 2004
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Yobbery??? What the heck is Yobbery??? [Confused]
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
March 13, 2004
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Read the article. [Wink]

Actually, a "yob" is a "hoodlum" in UK-speak. This is why it sometimes helps to watch UK movies with the English subtitles turned on. [Roll Eyes]
Roger Z
March 13, 2004
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Saw a yobbing snowboard kid (maybe 12 years old?) almost plow over three separate people in a single run at WT today. On the novice slope, no less. Spent the next two runs paying almost as much attention to the people behind me as the slope in front of me.
Buckeye Skier
March 16, 2004
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I was at Wisp Saturday for the first time ever and noticed some yobbing more than a few times. One guy almost got me, another skied what sounded like 10 ft. behind me down The Face, and I saw a guy do a high speed rolling yard sale right by the lift. If there was any line at all he would have plowed several people. Is the common place for Wisp? It reminded me of my one time this year at Mad River Mtn. OH, always looking over my shoulder.
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