Alta's "Wild Old Bunch"
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
November 25, 2008
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This is a group of older skiers that frequent Alta each winter, mostly in their 60s-80s. Someday I hope to be one of them and have their treasured patch and pin. However to accomplish this I must attend one of their meeting in SLC.
With this post I am adopting their motto as my sign line.
Here is a picture of one of the WOBs being pulled off the mountain by a grand or great grandchild. CLICK on photos and the first one for 2007-2008.
Also check out the Insider topic on their website, look at the Feats of Daring video and see the skier just barely outracing the avalanche!
To all a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and for those fortunate enough to hit the slopes...ENJOY!!!
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Denis - DCSki Supporter 
November 25, 2008
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Wow, this is great. Thanks Colonel. There is a story here. You see I am retiring in a matter of a few weeks and I have bought 3 season passes for use at different times and places this season. One is Liberty, Whitetail, Roundtop weekdays, one is Mad River Glen unrestricted, AND MY WESTERN PASS IS ALTA also unrestricted. I got all 3 at senior rates and MRG as a sr. shareholder. Total cost $1100. I expect to be heading to Alta in ~ mid Feb. to Mar. 1 and staying 6-8 weeks. I am not yet old but I'm a little wild from time to time. I will look these guys up.
November 25, 2008
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BTW, if any of you are out in Colorado:

are a really fun bunch to ski with.
November 25, 2008
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Wow, 6-8 weeks at Alta -- that is sweet Denis. Are you planning to stay at one of the lodges up there? I'll have to remember to look you up when I head out there.

I rode the lift with one of the Wild Bunch last year, and they guy was an inspiration. He was in his 80s, and had over 100 ski days that season. The day I met him, he was skiing in the morning and was headed for a round of golf (down in the valley) in the afternoon. Nice fellow, in fact he was from Virginia and had even visited my NASA center on business one time back in the 1960s.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
November 26, 2008
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Col, thanks for the heads-up. There was a photo in the 2007-08 pictures of two guys in ski suits with mtns behind them. They have a simple patch on their jackets that says: "90+". That is the greatest ski patch anyone could ever wear!!! Better than an olympic gold medal.

Denis, you are my hero. Be careful out there and post updates often.

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