Winter Storm Warning for Snowshoe!
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November 17, 2008
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I just checked the NWS forecast for Snowshoe and it looks like they have issued a Winter Storm Warning for up to 18" of snow through Tuesday afternoon!

This could shape up to be a great season!
November 17, 2008
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Better yet... Wednesday is expected to be "Blustery"!!
lbotta - DCSki Supporter 
November 17, 2008
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And they're blasting all guns as we speak. This is going to be a great winter!
November 17, 2008
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Well that has my attention piqued. They could have a lot more open terrain than usual on opening day this year. It's hard to say. If they got what I expect to amount to 16-30" of natural snow over the next 7-10 days (including the last couple days), and were able to groom it all in, they could conceivably open the whole mountain. Thing is, I don't think they staff up to their full complement right away, so they may not have the manpower to do it. But this could be one of their better early seasons in a while.
November 17, 2008
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No reason with the temps they have had for snowmaking they should not have 20 plus trails open. I would expect the quality of skiing one normally sees around Christmas (or lately, much much better than Christmas) for thanksgiving!!!
November 18, 2008
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Snowshoe is reporting 20" of new snow, wow!

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