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March 8, 2004
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Has anyone been to Mt Hood in Oregon? I hear it is spectacular... and I just got the XBox game Amped2 that has scenes of Mt Hood that a buddy swears are very realistic. If they are then MH is definately on my list.

Any insight that isn't readily Googled would be appreciated! Sorry dcski I got to go to skicentral for this one !-)
March 8, 2004
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So much fun. I was at Timberline - the real one - on a Sunday ten years ago when they had a "two lift tickets for the price of one" special. Snowboarding year round. Exterior scenes of "The Shining" were shot there.

I've also been to Mt. Hood Meadows.

Check snow reports in the Oregonian or the Columbian, the newspaper of Vancouver WA. Must be a mistake - the current temperature in Portland is 70 degrees F.
March 8, 2004
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I went to Mount Hood before I was a skier, but It has close to year round skiing. There are alot of ski camps and pros there during the summer because of it's awesome terrain park.
March 10, 2004
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I have skied Timberline in the summer. Great scenery and great operation if you are there for ski or snowboard camp, but like most summer skiing, the summer terrain on the Palmer Snowfields is very tame and lacks variety. Which is to say boring, if you are there for more than a day or two. Still, for the hopelessly addicted, nothing beats driving up the access road in July and seeing the snowfields, lifts and lodge come in to view.

In the winter Timberline has more varied and interesting terrain and, due to elevation, more reliable snow. However, Portland locals generally consider Meadows to have the best terrain and variety on Mt. Hood.
March 11, 2004
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I rode up at TIMBERLINE in AUGUST a couple of years ago, and it's not exactly spectacular.

Yes, in the winter, locals generaly consider TIMBERLINE's terrain to be inferior to that of say MEADOWS, however the one thing that TIMBERLINE does have going for it is SNOW.

Unfortunately, the year I went, the snow was prettly poor that season and you couldn't ride all the way down. Even worse, the two camps up there had poor snow conditions (it's ridiculos what the kidz pay to go there).

Another thing to consider is that the lifts run only for a VERY limited time each day (close at 1PM!).

It's a good trip if you're dying for some snow action in the Summer, but an epic experience it's not going to be.

My friends and I had a good time riding through the camps (not allowed), and hiking up out of bounds and building our own kickers and having a session (after the mountain was technicly CLOSED).

Oh yeah, don't expect typical Spring tems up there and bring yer sunblock.

Everyone should try it once, but don't forget that local resorts like WISP allow MOUNTAINBOARDING in the Summer for thoes who need their fix.

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