Dilly in Chantilly?
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October 10, 2008
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Where ARE the trip/shopping reports (SR)'s?
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
October 12, 2008
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OK, I went to the Dilly today (Saturday). Bought a new pair of ski outer pants, Marker I think....40% off an already discounted (not much) price. Also sprung for a new lock and a mock turtle. Then stopped by Willis to see what they had. Prices were comparable to Ski Chalet, but inventory not as great as that at the Dilly.
Saw lots of folks shopping at Dilly and I did not get there until about 5. Freed, former manager of the real Wilbur owned Ski Chalet, was helping out at the Dilly. Always a pleasure to talk with him. Real shame that the new owners did not bring him aboard.
So bottom line: both Willis and Ski Chalet have some major deals. Willis seemed to have more 2009 merchandise on sale. I asked them to hold a new ski jacket for me, need to find out about putting pit zips in the liner. If I buy the jacket I will save about 30%, Ski Chalet only offering 10% on this year's items. GET OUT AND ENJOY...and maybe help the ski industry economy.
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