Bus to Whitetail, Snowshoe, Seven Springs, Stowe,
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September 23, 2008
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Is there any club in the DC area or anybody which sets ups trips to any winter resort in the east coast just for the weekend or the same day? I get tired of driving
If there is any please send post the info

JimK - DCSki Columnist
September 23, 2008
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There was a bus service one recent season to Whitetail on weekends, but it didn't last beyond one year, not enough business.

Check here for one day trips by Ski Club of Wash:
Where do you live (rhetorical question)? There are links here to a bunch of other ski clubs in the region. If you check them out many offer day trips too: http://www.skicouncil.com/tripsbydate.htm

Welcome to DCSki.com I would expect there to be posts here this winter for more folks looking to carpool to the slopes.
September 24, 2008
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Thanks for the info.
A frind of mine told me that there is a bus that takes you from DC to Seven Spring, PA over the weekend. When i get the information i will post it.


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