Eagle Rock??
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September 1, 2008
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Anyone hear of Eagle Rock Resort? Found it surfing tonight. It is no on our resort list. Anyone ski Eagle Rock?


From Hazleton: Eagle Rock is located 5 miles southwest of Hazleton, PA on Rt. 924. Take Interstate 81 to exit 143 and travel south on Rt. 924 approximately 4 miles to the Eagle Rock entrance on your right.
Scott - DCSki Editor
September 1, 2008
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I've considered adding coverage of Eagle Rock to DCSki, and might this winter, but have had trouble digging up much information about the ski area -- such as total vertical, etc. It appears that the ski area is primarily only open on weekends. In the past DCSki excluded some of the smaller ski areas in PA, but I've been trying to roll them in. The last time I expanded coverage I was unable to find enough info on Eagle Rock to include it, but I'll try again this fall.
September 1, 2008
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I actually skied Eagle Rock for a weekend a few years ago. Small ski area with two chairlifts as I recall. Vertical drop probably 500-600ft or thereabouts. It was midwinter, and about 2/3 of the runs were open with decent coverage, but it seemed they didn't have much snowmaking (then), perhaps explaining the closed slopes. Skiing seems to be one of many more or less equal activities there -- kind of like "oh, yes, we do have a ski area too, and I think it might even be open today." On the bright side, that meant absolutely no liftlines. Old lifts, "day lodge" at top of the hill that is basically a warehouse room with plastic furniture, etc.

On the other hand, the resort itself is quite large with room to build. The main lodge, probably a mile or so from the ski hill, has spectacular views down into the valley out the back (resort is top of the ridge), and feels a bit like some of the other mid-Atlantic mountain lodges. Think a more mass market version of Nemacolin. At the time, they had a separate restaurant building, a separate spa building, and lots of homes and homesites. It felt a bit like a fully-built resort had appeared POOF in the middle of the industrialized PA woods (entrance road is across from a cement plant or something like that). And it seemed way below capacity. So, all in all, a little bit of an odd place, but still we had an enjoyable weekend.
September 2, 2008
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I keep meaning to try it. I ski up in the Scranton area a lot and drive right past Eagle Rock every time. Thought it might be a nice place to try on the way home since it would allow me to drive an hour closer to home in the morning instead of an hour further away to go to Elk.
oldensign - DCSki Columnist
September 8, 2008
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Sounds like my kind of place! I am on it!
September 10, 2008
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Checking out the web site...looks like it compares to Bryce. If you look at what is listed under Snowsports they claim lots of "New" stuff including new snowmaking. Calendar shows it to be primarily a weekend and holiday operation though. Anxious to see the first trip report.

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