Cheer to ski resort employees
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July 24, 2008
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...It's not even ski season yet and thousands maybe tens of thousands of ski resort seasonal employees recieved raises today....because the government raised minimum wage to $6.55....that means they'll be able to pay for their commute to work after working until lunch and and have all afternoon to earn beer money to spend at the bar before the go sleep on someone's couch....tip your ski and snowboard instructors...
July 28, 2008
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I agree. Those folks don't make enough to really put food on the table. But it's their lifestyle and they love what they do even with the moaning and bitching... The Mrs and I are going to be weekend warriors in ski school this year after a 15 year "vacation" from it. Kinda looking forward to it. It's another way of meeting folks, except I know all the regulars and locals at t-line anyway. Oh well, beer at employee rates.

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