High Gas prices = lower global warming
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oldensign - DCSki Columnist
June 3, 2008
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So gas is 4 dollars a gallon 5 dollars by Fall. Thus I will be driving alot less and doing all I can to save $$ to be able to afford to drive when I need to.

So I will not be producing as many CO2 emissions as I probally would have. Expand across the whole country and boom....Global warming is no longer a factor.

Wow...looks like the market won over government legislation. Take that Al Gore!

Of course now I am stuck in my basement, but at least sea levels are not rising. And there may be snow on the ground some time when I cash in my 401K to go skiing.
June 3, 2008
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Ok I don't know the numbers but it won't come so cheaply. I just heard an estimate of something like 6 TRILLION for 3-4 decades for the recently proposed carbon cap & trade system bill in congress right now -- I think to get like 70-80% less carbon in that time period. That's a big cut. And something of a free market approach by letting industry assign a "cost" to carbon which it currently sets at 0 dollars.

so assuming that does *something* -- I don't know that rising per gallon costs will do it unless oil is really at a peak and we are on a steep slide towards hardly any of it all.

-- anyway, sure, it be great if LED lightbulbs did it, and electric cars, or whatever market forces just randomly produced the "right" solution.

BUT we'll probably need to regulate it a bit -- set the field goal at the right end of the field and let the market gravitate there.

Otherwise the market will just go to the cheapest short term solution that provides the largest return for them... and that will mean ignoring all these "other costs" such as pollution, and so forth.

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