Why is Mountain Biking Great for Skiing?
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May 22, 2008
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Because making the new DH trails at Timberline gets a trail crew up there to clean out the glades

Check out the latest pictures JR posted on Timberline's new "Gladed" MTB DH Runs:

May 22, 2008
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Looks nice. I'm hoping to get up there this coming weekend. Oh yeah, also hoping to hit those glades up this coming record-breaking snowfall ski season too.
June 1, 2008
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MTB glade? Every rider picks his own line? I've never heard of anything like that before. It seems to run counter to a rule of low impact riding, stay on established trail. DHers wil invariably cut off switchbacks though, and a fall line trail will erode badly, so maybe this way is lower impact.

Looks like fun skiing. Won't need much base.

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