Moonlight Basin
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February 24, 2004 -- does anyone know much about this new resort?
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
February 24, 2004
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No. But I do know that the next wave of big league ski resort development in the United States will be happening in Big Sky Country (if it happens at all). This new mountain may be the start of that wave.
February 25, 2004
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I have to say my reservation at big sky seem HIDEOUSLY expensive compared to Utah (SLC lodging)... and a little competition wouldn't hurt!

Maybe it's not that bad but the lifts aren't thrown in with the lodging, which burns my shorts a bit...

Lodging: SCL hotel - $50 plus $44 for lift per day, BS - $550 ea 4 person quad condo for 6 nights slopeside, lift $50 per day

Airline rates: SW non-stop to SLC RT - ~$200 (fare sale) SLC to Bozeman - $320 rt

Transportation: Shuttle from SLC to hotel - $14 each way, shuttle from bozeman to BS - $35 RT (?)


But the upside is the relative isolation and out west feel probably of BS vs staying in the big city at SLC and driving up every day like a local

BTW, from a long now defunct thread. Tossed the rental van for just using the UTA bus system while in SLC. $500 savings unless we really can't stand it.

UTA bus to SCL resort: $5 ea way


February 25, 2004
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Where else out West could you ski as cheaply as you are going to in SLC? I can't think of any other places.

February 25, 2004
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Well, for one, same experience can be replicated in Boise: cheap city lodging, cheap SWA flights, city bus to the very large and very underrated city-owned ski area, Bogus Basin. Added bonus that the carousin' laws aren't as "retro" as in SLC.
February 25, 2004
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I dunno, it's a bit hard to compare to some degree. We aim for $1000 per head for lodging+air for 6-7 days of skiing and have been able to this that pretty good at most places CO & Jackson. SLC is definitely cheaper but we are in the city and that wasn't the case at the others.

No point, I agree I guess but also think you can watch your budget, lodging and all that and ski pretty reasonably, in some ways cheaper, than around here!

Anyway SINCE I will be right there, if I can figure out how to get to it, I might try moonlight basin. Looks pretty cool really...

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