SNOWY LUAU DCSki MEET-UP...Times & Place
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March 13, 2008
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I'll definitely be there Sat and Sun. I suggest we meet at the same time and place as last year, at the top of Thunderdraft chair in front of the Ski Patrol hut (Thunderdraft is chair to skiers far left). Meeting times: 1030 and 2:30, both Sat. and Sunday. I'll try to post obvious signs once again. Now if there is a lot of underdeveloped snow then all bets are off, although I am crazy enough to be waiting unless there is thunder. I'll have on my red/black jacket, black wind pants, dark helmet with ALTA decal, DCSki pins on jacket,skiing on K2 grey/black Apache CrossFire skis.
Last year we had a good DCSki crowd and spent considerable time skiing together, a real hoot. This year the DCSki crowd might be a bit sparse, what with several abandoning Timberline for Utah this week (jimmy, skier219, ? - although both said they would try to make it up upon return). I'll check my laptop Friday and Saturday evenings for updates; SO please once again post your name if you are planning/hoping to come up this weekend. Brad, all coming?
Looking forward to meeting up with many of you.
The Colonel \:\)
March 14, 2008
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Colonel, see you on the mountain. Oh, make sure you get "leied" before getting there!


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