Looking like it might, maybe, be a snowy luau
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March 13, 2008
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Just got this from inaccuweather. Check out the red highlighted of number 4. Here's for HOPE!

Update on Weekend Storm
Thursday, March 13, 2008
I didn't have a chance to write a blog yesterday and, with all the interest about a possible East Coast storm this weekend, it's a good thing because I really was clueless. The models yesterday were all over the place, and there was absolutely no consensus. Now... another day closer to the event... another 24 hours closer... and things are still as clear as mud. Below are the comments I made earlier this week about this weekend's storm... and following each comment are my current, albeit muddied, thoughts...

1. It is going to be another major storm. There will be heavy rain and thunderstorms east and south of the storm track which probably comes out of Oklahoma Friday and moves off the Delaware/New Jersey shore early Sunday. That should mean another decent rain in at least part of the drought area in the Southeastern states, but also the risk of severe weather across the mid-South.

It still does look like a big storm, but it may take a track farther to the south. Instead of exiting off the Delaware/New Jersey shore, it may be more like southeastern Virginia.

2. I suspect there will be heavy rains from Virginia into eastern Pennsylvania, southeastern New York and maybe southern New England, which is part of the area that had flooding problems with last weekend's storm.

With the storm track farther south, the rain, at least in eastern Pa. and southeastern New York, probably won't be as heavy as the past couple of storms, and the flooding risk doesn't look quite so scary.

3. There will be an area of accumulating snow that probably starts in northern Missouri and heads eastward across Ohio into New York state and then New England. I suspect the area from Arkansas into Kentucky that got hammered with the last storm will get mainly rain this time. Yes... there will be snow in Ohio... mainly northern Ohio... but not the kind of amounts we saw last weekend.

This idea still looks o.k.

4. The really heaviest snow with this storm will be farther east than last weekend... it won't be in Ohio... it may be from central New York state into central and northern New England. Albany, Glens Falls, Burlington, Springfield (Mass.), and Concord (N.H.) could be in the bull's eye. I suspect Philadelphia to New York to Boston will get mainly rain, although a changeover to snow early Sunday is not out of the question... especially in Boston.

If the storm track is farther south, we have to adjust the zone of snow farther south so it may be the mountains of West Virginia and western Maryland that get the biggest snows... and there may be rain that changes to snow in New York City, Philadelphia and even Baltimore and Washington. And the suburbs of Baltimore and Washington may do fairly well!!!!

5. We've got plenty of time yet to get more specific about this one... it's still several days down the road. I suspect the computer models will change from run to run with much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair by weather forecasters... hmmm... I can't afford much of either!!!!

Truer words were never spoken... or in this case... written!!!!!

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