is the half pipe so 90's?
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oldensign - DCSki Columnist
March 13, 2008
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Hip Snowboarders -

I have noticed that most 1/2 pipes go little noticed these days while folks are tearing up most other types of hits ( boxes, tables, dragons, etc...)

Is the halfpipe over? Or is it just too hard a learning curve?

Or even more likely is it too hard for the resorts to keep up verses the simpler terrian parks with hits and jumps.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
March 14, 2008
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I was at Hunter Mtn a week ago and they had a large terrain park with a half pipe. Agree, no one seemed to know what to do with the pipe, but many were enjoying other big hits in the park.

I saw something very cool at Windham on same trip. No pipe in action at the time, but their terrain park had at least two cliff/rock hucks integrated into the park. One was about a six foot drop, the other about twice that. Not sure if these boulders were natural to the park or dragged there, but they were in the middle of the park and even served by snowmaking eqmt.
March 14, 2008
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I actually really like the pipe but the local areas are not really focusing on them. The park definitely gets more people but the pipe is still a fun place to play. The learning curve in there is actually easier. Basically when you drop in the pipe the first time just take your time and when you approach the wall don't lean forward to compensate, hold your body position. Once you climb the wall you'll lose speed, once your comfortable to do it jump turn 180 degrees and ride toward the next wall. Start small and build up. You'll be above the lip in no time. The park is actually harder to master because when you approach a jump you have to hit it fast enough to clear the gap otherwise you eat your knees on landing. There's also that unexpected feeling of losing control when you leave the lip. This year the only people I saw really focus on the pipe was 7 Springs. Can't comment on anywhere else.
March 14, 2008
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Takes a lot of snow and some burly equipment and some specialized skill to make a pipe.

I think you're seeing an effect of random cold weather spells interspersed with melt-offs, any actual trends amongst the users being an effect thereof not a cause.

EDIT: why in the Equipment sub-forum?

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