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March 6, 2008
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Planning on going to the Shoe this weekend or next? I am reposting what Brad posted on the Resorts Forum about a washout on one of the Snowshoe entrance roads.
The Colonel \:\)
"Just want to warn everyone coming to Snowshoe this weekend, that the north mountain road to Snowshoe has been washed out because of this weeks heavy rains. Everyone must use the south entrance. I just got of the phone with the front desk, they report it will be closed for 2 weeks for repairs.
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March 6, 2008
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I am a first hand witness... The rains on Tusday were gully washers and there are repairs all the way from Seneca Rocks down to Snowshoe. I tried to go fill up the jeep and get another propane tank for the grill. Well... Not so fast. The front road to Snowshoe, coming from Slatyfork, had fairly large areas that had been washed out. Landslides of various magnitude literally all down the mountain. Down by the gulf course, two feet deep of swift running water. Came back up topside, tried to go via Redgate Road (back road) to Slatyfork. Impossible. To get gas, I went via Greenbank.

To the great credit of the WV DOT, they did an amazing recovery job and got all the culverts redone at least temporarily, on the road to Cass and up Redgate Road to Snowshoe. But Snowshoe Road continues closed from the intersection of 66 all the way up to Silver Creek.
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