whitetail conditions, 2/19
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February 19, 2001
went to whitetail today, just got home. Let me tell u that it was very crowded, and when i went to get lunch i could not move in the food court it was so crowded. now the conditions. the main trails such as snow park, both bunny hills, and upper angel drop and homerun had great coverage. also, drop in had very good coverage and bold decision was bumped up w/ good coverage but it was icy. the best intermediate slope was snow dancer, as it was not crowded and the middle was not scraped as bad as the others. limelight had good coverage, but on the sides their was a lot of bare spots and there was some thin coverage. exhibition also had fair to good coverage w/ bare spots starting to appear. dont go on farside as it has lots of thin cover and it was very icy. Also, i dont think fanciful will be open for much longer as it was just patchy snow, w/ a lot of bear spots. in the middle of the trail u have about 10 feet to navigate as it is bare on both sides. When i got there there was snow making going on snow park, and when u went up the lift u were covered in snow. snow making was also going on on homerun and upper angel drop. overall, even w/ the crowds the skiing sure beat school, even w/ fairly bad snow conditions.
March 1, 2001
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rolled into the parking lot that day and saw all the buses. Promtly left for Blue Knob!

Blue Knob was empty and the condtions we strong. Lift prices are cheaper and they have a bar. The Knob always comes through!

March 1, 2001
How far is the knob from whiteail..

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March 2, 2001
haven't tried it, but it looks like about 70-80 miles, including much non-interstate, maybe hour and a quarter to hour and a half?
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
July 18, 2001
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Whitetail is about one and a half hours from DC. Go midweek, you'll love the 975 foot verticle, and high speed chairs. Weekends, can be INSANE! One ski patrol member there told me they can average 32 rescues on some Saturdays--mostly collisions. This is definitely a place to wear a plastic hat on weekends. :-)

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