Wintergreen Today Feb 27th
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February 27, 2008
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Conditions were very good today. Got there at 9:45 and skied until 5pm. Never waited in a line, only shared a lift chair twice in over 30 runs. Things were moving so fast I had time to take 2 1 hour breaks and have my skis waxed. Here is a trail breakdown:

General Conditions, Snow guns blasting most trails over the top of fresh grooming. Snow from the guns was powdery and not wet.

Eagles Swoop was fun with good surface and lots of bumps. Upper Tyro was good also with a few ice patches but not bad. Tequilla had accumulated lots of snow from the guns and was in great shape. Upper Sunrise was closed for snowmaking but lower was open and was good. Big Acorn was crusty by the time I skied it but earlier looked good from the lift. Skiers left on the other side of the lift towers was bare. Lower Tyro was closed with no sign of snowmaking.

Dobie had plenty of bumps and similar surface, Upper Diamond was groomed but looked a little icy from the lift. Lower Diamond was closed with no sign of snowmaking.

Got a 3rd Party report on the Highlands from a group of instrutors, they said nice with a powdery surface.
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February 28, 2008
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I am still heading up for Friday, despite chance of underdeveloped snow late.
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