More on the Polls re DCSkier Winter Slopetime
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February 24, 2008
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Just a reminder to complete the two polls indicating how many days you have skied this winter through 2/19, and where you have skied.
So far we DCSkiers have logged somewhere between 463 and 600 slope days, and this does not include multiple days when other family members are also on the slope. We have spent those days at all the mid-Atlantic areas, and elsewhere across the county and world. It would be fun to know which specific resorts in NE, out West, Canada and Europe DCSkiers have frequented, so add an explanatory reply if you are one of these far afield DCSkiers.
And I know we have not captured all the data from registered DCSkiers. For example: Langley has skied Tussey, more than 2 have mentioned venturing to Wintergreen, and many more to Whitegrass, etc. AND, what are the other six not listed mid Atlantic areas that DCSkiers have visited. If I hazard a guess:
Sugar, Beech, Ski Gatlinburg, Roundtop, and Camelback.
Your poll inputs are needed by tomorrow nights closeout. Comments can come at any time.
From these results alone I would say that DCSkiers, friends and families have easily contributed between $100,000 to a quarter of a million dollars to this winter's slope activities.
Thanks,The Colonel

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