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February 6, 2001
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Something seems fishy here. Whitetail Reported 2 inches of snow from Mondays (2/5/01's) Storm but liberty report and Roundtop both report 6+ inches liberity i think was reporting 8 inches yesterday but droped it down to 6+....I may not be a rocketscientist but i know that snowfall does not very that much between those 3 resorts and something is wrong... This seems kinda fishy to me....i think that Roundtop and libery to shape up on there Conditions reporting and report more accurate conditions...just my thought


February 7, 2001
Obviously, you did not watch the weather. The storm front had a line which stopped just west of Liberty (they were lucky to get what they got) and Whitetail was not part of it. How do you explain that Liberty and Roundtop only got 4-6 inches but Lancaster got 12??? It is the same sort of difference. Storm fronts are strange. As I said on my earlier post on one of the other subjects, I was at Liberty skiing on Monday and they did get somewhere between 4-6 inches of snow. The sun came out in the afternoon and it warmed up though. Also, yesterday seemed warm, so I can only imagine that there is not a ton of natural around.

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