What's the difference between HV and SS?
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February 7, 2008
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Trying to decide where to ski this weekend, since I want to get one more day before heading west... For a while, it looked like it wasn't going to happen, but looking at snow reports, etc, it looks like HV and SS might be worth the trip this weekend.

I skied Seven Springs about 3 weeks ago (MLK weekend), and enjoyed it. What will be different about Hidden Valley, and how will it impact my experience there?

I'm not interested in lodge amenities (just a day trip, and we'll probably eat on the road... Summit Diner in Somerset, I hope). Neither my girlfriend or I ski advanced terrain, so greens/blues are enough at this point (we don't need bangin' bump runs or anything like that).

Will Hidden Valley be a good choice for us, or is Seven Springs better for what we need?

I'd like to ski Hidden Valley based on the love-fest here, etc, but is it an option equal or better to Seven Springs (even equal is OK!), or just some place that does some specific thing really well (like the kind of place that's "only good if you ski in the trees" or something like that).

Also - a bit unrelated - why is Blue Knob's forecast for the weekend so much worse than HV and SS? Is there enough distance between them to make that much of an impact? HV and SS show cold temps and good snowmaking weather from today on, BK looks like it'll be a stretch to make snow at all this weekend...

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February 7, 2008
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HV is a little smaller than 7S with less challenging terrain. Based on your interests I think you'd like it. Be sure to explore beyond the lifts that serve the immediate base area.
Blue Knob's relatively thin snow base apparently got hit pretty hard by this week's mild weather and they were apparently closed today, but gearing up for snowmaking tonight and next few days.

I just took another look at your 7S trip report, you should be able to comfortably ski everything at HV. In fact I hope you're not bored. There is a Hoss's Buffet at intersection of PA turnpike and Rt 220 (Bedford exit 146) that is good for a heavy dinner feed for around $10 each.
February 7, 2008
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Just to add a little more info, if you don't like waiting in lift lines, HV should be your choice. The Springs lift lines on weekends, especially Saturdays, tends to be a little long (Gunnar, Six Pack). But the tepid weather this week may have scared off some folks. You won't be unhappy either place.
February 8, 2008
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There is also a Hoss' Restraunt just north of the turnpike on Rt 601 in Somerset. There is also the Eat-n-Park with breakfast bar and Smiley cookies!
February 8, 2008
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.. the italian oven is pretty good too. i liked it a lot! and ruby tuesday's (new) is decent good food.

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